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Our organization is engaged in providing Fly Ash, which makes the concrete durable, stronger and resistant to chemical attack. Residue material such as Fly Ash and bottom ash is produced by power plants. Fly Ash is gathered from the exhaust of the boiler and bottom ash from the bottom of the boiler. Many other coal combustion products, which were treated as waste earlier, are now utilized by us. At coal-fueled electric power plants, Fly Ash is produced. This is one of the most commonly used cold combustion products across the world. In the production of concrete products, Fly Ash works in tandem with cement.

To provide reliable service to fly ash purchasers, we have invested heavily in terminals and transportation equipment. We also offer our services to utility and industrial generators of coal combustion products. In the past decade, the use of coal combustion products has increased more than 50 percent, because of our efforts

Benefits of Fly Ash are listed below:

Benefits of Fly Ash are listed below:

- Fly ash is also a cost-effective resource

- The amount of cement that is necessary can be reduced, when fly ash is added to concrete

- Concrete using fly ash is denser and more durable as the tiny fly ash particles fill microscopic spaces inthe concrete. Moreover, less water is also required

- By cement hydration, fly ash reacts chemically with lime which helps in creating more glue that holds concrete together. This makes concrete stronger as compared to that made only with cement.

- Fly Ash is an environmental friendly product